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Kat's Pork BBQ

BBQ Pork butt

TWO ingredients, three ways to prepare. 

Fiesta Onion Dip Mix Recipe


Three delicious ways to use the dip mix.


Pepper Jams


Excellent paired with cream cheese and crackers, drizzled over brie, or used as a dipping sauce or glaze for meats and vegetables. Eating directly from the jar is also acceptable. 

Sweet Jams


Scrumptious on toast, bagels, and English muffins; equally amazing on waffles, pancakes, French toast, and fresh fruit. 



Mix with sour cream (and mayo: Ranch), and be sure to have plenty of pretzels, chips, or crudites on hand to shovel these addictive dips. Spread mixtures on bagels, tortillas, and sandwiches. Additionally, thin with a bit of milk or buttermilk for an out-of-this-world dressing.  



Rub onto raw meats, poultry, or fish prior to baking, grilling, or pan frying. Delicious sprinkled on cooked vegetable, too! 


Fall 2019 Special

PaveMint Halloween Margarita created by PaveMint Smokin' Taphouse in Front Royal, VA, using Ghost Pepper Jam

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Some of the love that's been shared:

" Love everything I’ve tried, I go through kat 4 like crazy, just got a bottle of blackberry habanero from Andy and it is AMAZING. Made pulled pork tacos and added the kat 4, it was incredible."

- Rick; Virginia 

"I can’t even begin to explain how AWESOME Andy’s and Kat’s sauces are. HUGE flavor. And your purchase helps “Autism Awareness”! I highly recommend trying Uncle Andy’s/Jacked Up foods sauces. You won’t believe how much flavor these sauces have. So, so SO delicious. 

- Bridget; Virginia

"When I was told about the flavor of their sauces I was skeptical. Then I went to their stall at the Farmer's Market and tried some. I was immediately blown way by the flavors. Not only was everything I tasted phenomenal, the range of flavors was incredible. I picked up some Uncle Andy's Awesome sauce, Rub Me All Over, Ranch dip and Jalapeno Cheddar Ranch dip. Not only was the two dips amazingly flavorful but it made enough to last all week. The Dips have more uses besides just as dips. I have added them to burgers, hot dogs, brats and even hamburger helper. It works with everything. We've marinated some chicken with the Rub Me All Over and it turned out delicious before even adding the bbq sauce. The only downside is trying to decide on which sauces to buy next. 

- Shane; Fredericksburg, VA

"Jacked-Up Flavors are now my go to in the kitchen. Hot Sauces, Spices & Marinades go on everything and make food extra delicious and more flavorful. The added bonus is buying from a company supporting such a worthy cause. Love the products!"

- Beth; Fredericksburg, VA

"Purchased pickles and they are sooooo good. Will be purchasing them and more really soon!!"

- Rhonda; Quantico, VA

" Wow taste good jacked up food season I love it this both I use cookout Mother's Day many family love it flavor season steak rub and another so good yummy. I will buy it again love it this one better flavor. Soon I will cookout father day June 17 my dad love it this best flavor season."

-  Shamekia; Fredericksburg, VA

"I added [Uncle Andy's] Blackberry Habanero to my usual meatloaf recipe, then brushed some on top. It was not only delicious, but very moist." 

- Annie; Johnson, VT

"I made ranch pan-fried chicken with Jacked Up Foods Ranch Dip and Dressing Mix. I tenderized the chicken breast then rubbed a generous amount of the mix into the chicken with a little bit of salt. I then added it to a hot pan with melted butter. I added a little slab of butter to the top of the chicken to keep it moist. OH MY GOODNESS!! It was super tasty!! Another amazing Jacked Up Foods product. Love y'all!"

- ​Katie; King George, VA

"Went to the Craft Show in Fredericksburg just to pick up a couple jars of the Pineapple Mango Bacon Jalapeño jam. Mix it with tomato soup and pour over stuffed peppers or ketchup and the jam and spread and bake the last few minutes of a meatloaf. Yummy!!! My hubby's favorite."

- Robyn; Fredericksburg, VA

"I tried the Holler'n Habanero hot sauce and love it. The flavor is well balanced with the heat!"

- John; Milford, DE

"My husband and I love the hot sauces and jams, but one of our favorites is the strawberry jam. It is not only delicious, but such a bright fresh color. 

- Annie; Johnson, VT

"I am in love with the ghost pepper dip! I put my own twist on it and added crisp bacon in it. It was to die for. YES! for Jacked Up Foods!!"

- Capri; Fredericksburg, VA

"Love these products... my favorite being Apricot Habanero. It's the best!!"

- Glenda; Fairfax, VA

"I didn't know jam could be so good! Every jam I have shared with guests has been loved. Plus they come from a great family that supports Autism. "

- Tim; Fairfax Station, VA

"Thanks for the amazing pickles!"

- Tessa; Fredericksburg, VA

"The Apricot Habanero jam on pretzel crackers with cream cheese is ADDICTIVE!" 

- Megan; Glen Allen, VA

"This is just a video to give a big shout out to one of my newest favorite hot sauce companies, Jacked Up Foods, LLC. They make some pretty awesome stuff guys. I HIGHLY recommend you look into their products! Like I said, flavor is KEY for these products, not entirely for the heat side. Hot, delicious sauces! " https://youtu.be/6N57jNA2h-o

-Tim; Meridan, CT 


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